Friday, August 29, 2008

Rattler @ RNR (8.09.08)

DF08_8.09_Rattler@RNR-3, originally uploaded by DAKOTAFINE.

BYT's one and only DJ Cale graced the Rock n Roll Hotel on the occasion of their 2 year anniversary. The festivities were pretty effin' lively apparently, though I never went downstairs. According to the hotel it was their busiest night ever? Who knew? Rattler played downstairs, DJ's spun upstairs, I never saw Rattler, but apparently they were good and drew quite the crowd.

Also, ok, so... tell me how you feel about this... but these DJs, they have these sponsors they have to please right, because they fund these parties. So one of our sponsors this time apparently was promoting that new retarded film aptly titled "College," like, really? You sat around a studio conference room for like seven months planning this piece of shit movie collecting ridiculous Hollywood paychecks and all you could come up for a title was "College?" Puh-leaze, but I digress...


No but really, I do DJs favors all the time. Cale's like, I need you to get me a bunch of shots with people holding these t-shirts, etc, etc... and do I see any of this money? No. Does Cale even buy me a drink? No.


Apparently, I have contributed to cultivating an expectation amongst these promoters that I should just show up and help them get paid, but get nothing myself in return. Awesome.

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