Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TransA+lantic and afterparteee... (6.14.08)

Alas (as far as I know), we have seen the last of Transatlantic at DC9, at least for the near future. DJ People's Champion (AKA Cory Andreen) is leaving the District for Berlin (AKA electronically saturated musicland), "now's the time on Sprockets when we dance!"

So, one more time, please. Let's revel in the streaking light visualtopia that seemingly is any party photographed at DC9. I, for one, have had some great nights rocking out to Transatlantic. Saturday night was a veritable who's who of DJism at DC9, I saw Stereofaith, Dave Nada, and Gavin Holland all in attendance to pay homage... or maybe it was just that the warehouse party got cancelled? Damn ABC, but anyways, hats off to the Champ.

Oh yeah, and the afterparty... another Ryan Wakeman effect collabo. Dance party extreme, shirts off, pants on, grimy, sweaty, filthy, nasty, loves it. Chicks in the bathtub.

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Shorts IIII @ Asylum (6.12.08)

DF08_6.12_Shorts@Asylum-57, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Shorts IIII... again and again, this party just kicks ass, plain and simple.

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Buzz Lightyear has Landed... Lunar Beach Party @ Amanda's (6.07.08)

Uhhh, ok so I’ll admit, I have no idea what inspired this adventure. There were probably a lot better dance parties going on, but sometimes I just have to do something different. Originally, I had intended to go to RNR on Saturday night, but somehow the cosmic forces aligned against NE… however, I did capture this gem of a little party on Euclid Street. Kiddie pool wrestling and Buzz Lightyear galore…

Big ups to my partner in crime Lacey, she had this to share about Saturday night:

“Once upon a Saturday night in a galaxy far far away, Buzz Lightyear was hanging out at his house, drinking a beer, when he became a little lonely for his friend Woody back on planet Earth. He decided to grab a beer for the road and hop in his spaceship. Slightly tipsy, he got turned around somewhere near Saturn and ended up making a crash landing in a front yard in Adams Morgan. A little dazed, he got out of his spaceship, glanced around, and attempted to get his bearings...

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

US Air Guitar Championships @ 930 Club (6.04.08)

DF08_6.04_USAirGuitar@930Club-79, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Holy cow, greatest photo op I've ever seen! Un-friggin-believable, people never cease to amaze me with the weirdness. One of the funniest and most entertaining events I've ever been to.

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A Girl Displaced?

Portrait of a scenester displaced? I think so... alas, I have lost one of my favorite subjects, this being an ode to she.

Kristen Bell wherefore art thou?

Another friend lost to the bay, I expect you are enjoying yourself merrily in my hinterland...



Dan Graham @ Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden (5.29.08)

Ok, so I admit, it's a little bit out of chronological order... but I promised some new friends I would post this, sooooo, I deliver. Dan Graham, by the way, is apparently a BIG deal in the art world, this event was a donor reception in his honor as he was unveiling his newest sculpture in the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden.

(This was an assignment I shot for Hirshhorn Magazine.)




Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MSTRKRFT @ 930 Club (5.31.08)

MSTRKRFT came to 930 Saturday night and blew out all the candles. The party was one of the ragiest, most out of control, dance extravaganza's I have had the pleasure yet to cover. A delicious (if a tad sweaty) heap of writhing bodies all thrusting and combusting to the hypnotic sounds of excellence on the wheels...

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Partnered with the imeem B.E.A.T. Tour for this event, see my photos on their website as well here...


Monday, June 2, 2008

Be Your Own Pet @ 930 Club (5.30.08)

08_5.30_BYOP@930-63, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Ok, so I have to admit. Be Your Own Pet is not exactly my cup of tea when it comes to their music or their performance style. However, my colleague Peter, who is doing the writeup for BYT is apparently a HUGE fan, so I will leave it to him to provide the words: (once they are posted on BYT)

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Marquis @ Napoleon (5.29.08)

Marquis delivered a haymaker of a Thursday night knuckle sandwich for busters. I mean, I usually frequent this party to see the Triobelisk cut it up, but I this past Thursday was especially pact. The 1 year anniversary spectacular drew a crowd that apparently loves the cache of gimmick. I love the music, dancing, oh, and of course, Courtney (although I spared her from the camera).

Style in abundance. Big ups, congrats on the birthday…

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