Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TransA+lantic and afterparteee... (6.14.08)

Alas (as far as I know), we have seen the last of Transatlantic at DC9, at least for the near future. DJ People's Champion (AKA Cory Andreen) is leaving the District for Berlin (AKA electronically saturated musicland), "now's the time on Sprockets when we dance!"

So, one more time, please. Let's revel in the streaking light visualtopia that seemingly is any party photographed at DC9. I, for one, have had some great nights rocking out to Transatlantic. Saturday night was a veritable who's who of DJism at DC9, I saw Stereofaith, Dave Nada, and Gavin Holland all in attendance to pay homage... or maybe it was just that the warehouse party got cancelled? Damn ABC, but anyways, hats off to the Champ.

Oh yeah, and the afterparty... another Ryan Wakeman effect collabo. Dance party extreme, shirts off, pants on, grimy, sweaty, filthy, nasty, loves it. Chicks in the bathtub.

Git the full BYT post hurrrr...



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