Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nouveau Riche @ DC9 (4.26.08)

08_4.26_Nouveau@DC9-20, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Nouveau returned to DC9. Kids got live. Hotness, and by hotness, I mean the sweaty, sticky, abounded. As per ushe...

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Velodrome @ Selam (4.25.08)

08_4.25_Velodrome@Selam-64, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

B.rawk deBoss of Loderunner killing it on the gheetar. Friday night brought a saucefest at Selam on U St. The bartender/owner was charging 7 dollars for rail drinks... at a basement dive bar. Ugh. I had to let him know that wasn't cool. He comped me my drinks. That was cool.

Loderunner killed it.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

White Denim @ 930 Club (4.23.08)

08_4.23_WhiteDenim@930-20, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Although White Denim opened for Tapes N Tapes on Wednesday night, they're headlining on my blog because they kicked some serious butt. Their performance was by far the better of the two, despite the fact that White Denim is still relatively unheard of. In fact, one concert-goer shouted up to the band in the middle of the set, "what's the name of your band?" Promptly eliciting from the lead singer/guitarist, "what's the name of YOUR band?!?" He got some laughs.

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Tapes N Tapes @ 930 Club

08_4.23_Tapes@930-72, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Tapes N Tapes played 930 Club on Wednesday night along with White Denim.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Profiled in the City Paper!

08_3.29_Portraits@JoelsPlace-7, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

City paper... check me out. Profiled, now you know.

Check it out... me in the City Paper.

Washingtonian Best Of Party @ The Park (4.22.08)

08_4.22_Washingtonian@Park-5, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Washingtonian threw their Best Of party at “The Park” on 14th and K Tuesday night. Nothing like an open bar to attract swarms of yuppies. But seriously, they cut the open bar off at like 9.15 (the bartender swore to me it was 9, but I don’t believe her) and when I went back up to get a drink, they wanted to charge me 12 bucks! I mean, I guess I’m just not Park material or something, but puh-leaze...

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Keane Girls on an undisclosed rooftop in DC...


Two of my favorite San Francisco ladies, DC style.


Spring Showers/Washington Pink

08_4.21_PinkTrees-20, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

After some heavy rain this past weekend there was this awesome scene just up the street from where I live... I had to capture it. The pink blanket of flower petals covering the ground, beauty.



Monday, April 21, 2008

FLASH @ Jackie's Backroom (4.18.08)

08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-2, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

88DC's latest incarnation FLASH took place at Jackie's Backroom in Silver Spring on Saturday night. Thanks to founder/creator David Fogel, the wheels on this bus draw artistic types from the DC metro area for events catering to the design oriented. This party featured two screens onto which the organizers had projected on one side the shots you see here, and on the other some design elements from the resident designer for the night. There were at least three DJs in attendance spinning an assorted mix of beats, dancing was lively...

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Brazilian Night @ St. Ex (4.17.08)

08_4.17_BrazilianNight@StEx-16, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Patrick K. of Ra Ra Rasputin was celebrating his birthday at St. Ex last night, gotta give it up to anyone who puts up a three day event on facebook to celebrate his day of birth. DJ extraordinaire Neal Becton was spinning his eclectic mix of Brazilian rhythms, and the mojitos were being consumed... or were they caipirinhas? (I can't spell that, nor can I tell the difference...)

The dance party was hot. Happy birthday Patrick.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Portraits w/ Shana Glickfield

08_4.16_ShanaG-30, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

DC's very own "concierge," Shana Glickfield, stopped in for a few snaps... and proceeded to melt my camera.



The New Pornographers @ The 930 Club

08_4.14_NewPornographers@930-7, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

The New Pornographers blew into town... their stage presence I thought, left something to be desired. I had first 3 songs at this one, and I missed the first three songs. I had to take pictures like a ninja, and then the staff had to ask me to stop. Not my finest moment.

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Transatlantic @ DC9 (4.12.08)

08_4.12_Transatlantic@DC9-52, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Transatlantic dance-o-rama reigned supreme once again. Made some new friends, had a good time.

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U.S. Royalty, Tiger City & VHS or Beta @ RNR (4.11.08)

Holy smokes. US Royalty, gonna be famous. Ya heard it here ferst.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yeasayer @ The Cat (4.10.08)

08_4.10_Yeasayer@BlackCat-1, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Yeasayer, holy smokes, so awesome live. Unfortunately, as per usual, the lighting inside the Black Cat, not awesome, crappy dim red light throughout. Oh well.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shorts II @ Asylum (4.10.08)

08_4.10_ShortsII@Asylum-10, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

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I mean, the picture says it all. Nothing more.

Portraits w/ Chris Bernstein

08_4.05_ChrisPortrait@UStreet-13, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

My good friend Chris Bernstein recently departed for Iraq (no, he's not in the military, as he puts it, he works for the military industrial complex)... I had the special pleasure of shooting some portraits of him before he left.



Late Night @ Jimmy Valentine's (4.04.08)

08_4.04_LateNight@JVs-10, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

I just had to post these shots because even though they were for nothing in particular, I wanted to share. That is all.


Holy smokes, the boys from U.S. Royalty, this band is soooo hot, you heard it here first.