Friday, July 31, 2009

Jeremy Furstenfeld for Yamaha Magazine

Tear sheets of the Yamaha Magazine spread I did of Jeremy Furstenfeld, drummer for Texas Rock Band Blue October.

Check out the Yamaha All Access 360 website for the interactive feature!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"In the top echelon of D.C. night-life photography sits Dakota Fine, photo editor and chief shooter for the Web site Brightest Young Things."


I was profiled by the Washington Post on June 28th. The title of this post is the first sentence of their profile of me.

You can link to the full article here.

Also, my photo of my good friends U.S. Royalty was in print in the Washington Post last week...


Friday, May 15, 2009

My photo of Yelle, Japanimated!!!

Yelle - Dyptique, originally uploaded by DAKOTAFINE.

So I was backstage at SXSW at the Perez Hilton Party... and I see French pop-star, Yelle across the room. I waved to her meekly thinking to myself how excited I was to see her again, after all during her last visit to DC, we had really hit it off during our photoshoot and my photos ended up on her site.

Anyways, from across the room, she exclaims, "Da-kooooo-ta!" in her unbelievably cute French accent of course. Turns out she remembered me... and even recognized me! I was like, "you remember me?" And her response, "of course!" Highlight of my year probably.

Well, over the course of our conversation she asks me whether I had seen the Japanimated version of the photo I took of her and her bandmates for DC fashion designer DURKL. Turns out someone from abroad has animated my photo!

It wasn't until a few months later that someone forwarded me the link to the website, but here it is ( the internet, as my mother said, is unbelievable.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Man in the Bubble - Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips

I took this photo during the Earth Day Festival on the National Mall, April 19, 2009.

It's a picture of the lead singer of the Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne, inside of his now famous giant bubble.

I happened to get lucky in this instance in the sense that as I took this picture someone's flashbulb illuminated in the crowd, and caught Wayne's face.

You can see the Washington Monument off to the right.

Read the full BYT post here.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Meet the Natives"

DFdcist_Travel, originally uploaded by DAKOTAFINE.

I took this shot for the Travel Channel. A subsidiary of Discovery (which is based out of DC), they are working on producing a television show featuring a group of natives from Vanuatu visiting the United States in a kind of reverse anthropology type of reality series.

The show was bought by the channel from the BBC who had produced a British form of the show called "Meet the Natives."

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sculpture Garden in 15 Minutes





New Year's Eve @ RNR (Happy 2009!)

DF08_12.31_NYE-104, originally uploaded by DAKOTAFINE.

This was probably the best New Years I've ever had.

BYT post here.







Bourbon Happy Hour for the Going Out Guide (1.7.09)

DF09_1.7_GOGbourbon-107, originally uploaded by DAKOTAFINE.

I shot Going out Guide's Bourbon hour for

BYT post here.




Thursday, March 12, 2009

US Royalty takes it to Art Basel Miami

DF08_12.11_durkl-107, originally uploaded by DAKOTAFINE.

In December, I traveled to Art Basel Miami with my good friends US Royalty.








DURKL Photoshoot-ing

DF08_12.11_durkl-104, originally uploaded by DAKOTAFINE.

I did a photoshoot for my friends over at DURKL to promote their winter line.