Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hirshhorn After Hours (6.20.08)

I swear, the Hirshhorn After Hours continues to be THE quintessential DC party. Let’s see… party starts at 8pm (check), is on the National Mall at a museum (check), cocktail dresses make for suitable attire (check), there will be plenty Stella Artois and some other specialty mojito-ish cocktail (check), and you will be sure to bump into at least 5 people you had no idea were going to be there (check).

Flocking to this party en masse, young people are courted by the Hirshhorn three times a year for this party, and it sells out just about every time. Arrive early at the door and you can buy tickets, but it’s always a safer bet to buy online beforehand. This time around, the party featured a stage breaching the central courtyard fountain, which although visually spectacular, separated the audience from the live music. Although dancing has never been this party’s strong point, it was especially lackluster Friday night. New York art-pop phenoms Maxi Geil! & Playcolt offered auditory sensationalism though no one seemed to notice, and DJ People’s Champion surrendered his penultimate DC (this time around) DJ set en route to Berlin tomorrow...

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