Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ladytron, TV on the Radio & Thievery Corporation (ft. Seu Jorge) @ Post Merriweather (6.28.08)

Ok, so here’s the 15 minute review of an awesome concert that deserves a much more thorough and thoughtful review…

Ladytron came on at 7pm, and while the audience filtered into Merriweather, these guys were up on stage jammin it out to a rather meager crowd. I spoke with the curly haired Ladytron (pictured below) backstage and she told me that the show the night before at Sonar had been much better… go figure, I’m sure the crowd was rowdy. But either way, they played a hot set, and they’re certainly hot, sooooo…

Git the full BYT post hurrrr...





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