Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nouveau Riche @ 1223 (MCCXXIII) (6.28.08)

I have to say... though I love the Nouveau Riche parties, this was not their best. Given, the party never actually sucks, in this instance it was really the location... it was at 1223, which is apparently the epicenter of d-baggery for the metropolitan area. So, I suffered, and my pictures weren't even posted on BYT :( ... oh well.

Nouveau Riche, in order to excel, must retain its grimy edgy funky appeal I think. The second it goes DC downtown club, the second it goes fizz. That being said the only reason it was at 1223 in the first place was because Club Five stayed shut down longer than expected due to the stabbing incident a couple months ago... whoops.

Git the other BYT post hurrrr...



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