Friday, September 5, 2008

Nouveau Riche @ DC9 (8.30.08)

DF08_8.30_NouveauRiche@RNR-20, originally uploaded by DAKOTAFINE.

Victor gave me a ride to Nouveau Riche at the Rock 'n Roll Hotel, it was great, we listened to Daft Punk, which gets me ready to dance.

Okay, so, I have to say, I am a huge supporter of the Riche, and thusly I can say, this was not their best effort. I’ll chalk it up to a nasty combination of scheduling your party on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and putting it at RNR, which is generally regarded by all as, “a pain in the ass to get to.” So let’s just say, the party was a little low energy. Compared to the dengue fever DC9 dance party I’m used to, I was disappointed.

Here’s what I’ll say, and please, weigh in here, agree or disagree, Nouveau Riche belongs at DC9. I think, if you wanna start a bigger, better, meaner, louder party at RNR, start something new. I hear “Nouveau Riche,” and automatically think of people hanging off the rafters of the nasty musty ceilings of DC9. There is a possibly unconscious association with sweaty, squirming debauchery that is nary replicated anywhere else. And I’m sorry, that’s Nouveau Riche to me, and it’s at DC9.

Ironically enough, I saw quite a few of the usual Nouveau Riche crowd Saturday night. They were attending the Loderunner show, at DC9.

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