Friday, September 5, 2008

Blisspop/Tittsworth Record Release Party @ 930 Club (8.29.08)

Last Friday night, Blisspop at the 930 Club was INSANE. It was the release party for DJ Tittsworth's (who I've covered once before) new album 12 Steps. (The backdrop in these shots is the cover of said album.) So, on top of this party having like the most incredible DJ lineup I've seen in DC almost ever (Tittsworth, Nada, Nordstrom, Eastman, Holland, Stereofaith... and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone), there was also a fleet of bikini girls that Cale brought together to pose for us. Lest I forget, Cale brought one dude, just to show we have a sense of humor about the whole thing... (see: his hairy legs.)

Ok, so I know maybe the sexual innuendo here is not so subtle, and perhaps you might even object to the objectification of women or something, but before everyone gets there panties all in a bunch, consider this... all of these women did this voluntarily, no one was paid, everyone had a good time, and everyone ended up feeling great about themselves. Listen, everyone wants to feel sexy sometimes, I don't see anything wrong with that.

So yeah, party was awesome, incredible, fab. Annnnd... you can get the full BYT post here!






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