Friday, May 30, 2008

US Royalty w/ The Mary Onettes @ DC (5.21.08)

Text Borrowed from lovely BYT post written by Charisa and Val (AKA U.S. Royalty SUPERfans)...

After a long and frustrating drive from the bowels of Southern Maryland into the bustling streets of DC, we finally arrived at DC 9. Flustered by a slight case of road rage, we made our way in to the bar downstairs to calm down before the show. The line up for the night was The.Blackout.District opening, followed by The Mary Onettes and U.S. Royalty in their first headlining show at DC 9. While our sole intention for the night was to see U.S. Royalty, but we were pleasantly surprised to see such a talented trio of bands...

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