Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fight Club @ Undisclosed in DC (5.03.08)

08_5.03_FightClub-38, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

After the BYT Relaunch party we took off for Fight Club... which heretofore I had only heard rumors of, but had never ventured to. To my surprise, and true to the name the crowd erupted into a testosterone bruise festival of rowdy fighters. Actually though, it wasn't just the testosterone that was in effect, as this picture demonstrates quite vividly, there were certainly some ladies up in the mix, throwing down with the boys. One of the most bizarre spectacles I have ever seen, a seedy underbelly that as a photojournalist, one dreams of discovering. It was in truth an absolute example of a group think epidemic, I watched as before my very eyes the abnormal became the norm. Truly absurd. Awesome.

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DC Gold said...

I see Paris, I see France... Couldn't ask for a better backdrop than plywood... Great shots.

flora said...

What's wrong with these people.