Monday, February 18, 2008

Los Amigos Invisibles @ The Cat (2.16.08)

Amigos_Cat-171, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Shot Los Amigos Invisibles for BYT on Saturday night, a Venezuelan rock band, I went with my friend Julia... we had a great time.

From Cesar's BYT write-up:

"The mainstage of The Black Cat on Saturday night was not filled with your usual characters, those youngins who come to Mousetrap or the bar regulars. Rather, Saturday night brought in a different kind of crowd. The reason being Los Amigos Invisibles, the very popular pop/disco/latin funk export from Venezuela kept the entire dancefloor moving from the first rush onto the stage right to the very very end. And seriously, folks, it was like I was back at some huge Latin American club in say Caracas where the music served both as a catalyst to some serious flirting AND was the absolutely most perfect reason for one hell of a great night for dancing. It was fun! Or as we say, divertido!

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