Friday, February 29, 2008

DC Rollergirls (2.23.08)

08_2.23_DCRollergirls-122, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Holy Snaps, if you didn't be knowin' now you know. These are images from the not to be f*cked with DC Rollergirls league. I mean, talk about knock your momma out, as my roommate Jim pointed out to me, there were two types of spectators here, those with an alcohol problem, and those recovering from an alcohol problem. HOT. Check out the fans with the HATE flags, they were supporters for the Secretary's of Hate (great name, I know, don't bite it)... they had school-age children running around the rink with glittery posters on which was written "Hate, Hate, Hate!" Pretty amazing stuff. ClassE.

Oh, and check out the BYT post foooo sho.


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