Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fever & Coats @ Velvet Lounge (3.01.08)

08_3.01_Velvet-50, originally uploaded by D.FINE.

Velvet Lounge was packed on Saturday night, as Svetlana of BYT alluded, a complete word of mouth phenomenon. Every once in a while the planets align, and everyone who should show up, shows up, and the bands reflected the energy back at us. As always Velvet Lounge proved to be the diamond in the rough of the DC indie rock venues. Great sound, great lights, great space, great crowd, great shows, great bands.

Get the BYT post here.


Fever, a two-piece set, features guitarist _____ and drummer ______.


The Coats feature a more ensemble relying on electronica and a live drum set.




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